Sizing Guide

All pups come in all different sizes. Please make sure to measure your pup and compare with each product’s sizing chart. In some cases, you might be size Small in one top but Medium in another. Breed indicator in each size chart is a guide only. If you are in doubt, please contact us  For any custom item such as Swagsnood, Aviator Hat, and Swag Crown, we'll contact you once you make the purchase. 


The chest size is the most important measurement you need for proper fit when purchasing a top for your pup. Please measure behind the front legs and do a full circle around. If your pup likes it a little roomy, add one or two finger in between your pup’s chest and measuring tape. 


Measure from the back of the neck to the base of the tail. 


Measure around the neck. Please allow two fingers in between your pup’s neck and measuring tape for top.  For Swagsnood and Aviator Hat, you can measure as is with no extra.  


For Aviator Hat and Swag Crown, we need your pup's head measurements. We'll contact you once you place the order.